Palisade Hops?


Here’s a new hop variety that may be one to try:  Palisade Hops.   I found that there is little official information and varying forum and personal accounts.  Here is a culmination of what I read plus a large employment of my own editorial power.

Origin: USA.  It is bred and trademarked by Yakima Chief Ranches.  From other sources, it appears to have been bred from a version of Tettanger (possibly Swiss?).  I couldn’t find any release date information.

Aroma: Floral.  Subtle Apricot.  Grassy.  ”Pretty”. 

Alpha Acid: 5.5-9.5%

Typical Usage:  Although the alpha acid is pushing double digits on the high end, this is an aroma hop variety.  I think Palisade hops are similar to Glacier hops.  Many of the things I read both online and offline seemed to support a subtle, non-aggressive, smooth hop flavor with a fruity, non-citrusy aroma.   If you are a hop head, I think you will be unimpressed by this variety.  I would bitter with a high alpha acid hop variety and combine Palisade with a citrusy aroma hop variety to make a American pale ale.  This hop variety is better for English style pale ales.

Here are some other newish American hop varieties:

Santiam Hops

Simcoe Hops

Ahtanum Hops


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