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It’s been awhile since I wrote a whinny, “my beer might suck” post, so I thought I was due. But first the good. I received a concoction from Northern Brewer, a “Hopshot” that was essentially hop syrup that constituted 50 IBU’s. Part of deal for receiving the hopshot was to use it as a bittering […]

Winter Ales


The inevitable is happening in Alaska, the dark times are on their way. Winters in Alaska can downright suck, and the cold winds are already starting to blow and its only a matter of time before the real snow arrives as well. When Old Man Winter rears his ugly head, it’s nice to have some […]

My First Dubbel


This one is pretty much straight outa Brewing Classic Styles, with appropriate hop substitutions (JZ uses Tettnang, I used Tradition), and I substituted 1 pound of wheat for pilsner.  I’m still trying to work my way through that damn bag of wheat malt that has the occasional kernel of roasted malt in it, so this […]

I really have wanted to do this for a while. I went out and found a real generic APA recipe, and then broke it down into one gallon increments. I did 3 one gallons batchs, identical in every way except for the hops. I want to taste the difference is different hops under identical conditions. […]

I was itching to make a beer. It had been a few weeks. I couldn’t find a recipe that suited me, so i modified one that had worked pretty good for me so far. It was a Pliny the Elder clone, modded for hops. Its pretty darn good so I thought, I wonder what would […]