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There are lots of posts on the web about how to fill bottles from a keg of beer.  The most popular gear heady way to do it is to buy a counter pressure bottle filler or use a beer gun.  The beer gun seems a little easy to use. However, I only bottle the occasional 6-pack […]

As my contribution in teaching a friend to homebrew, I invited my friend Lyle over for the Brown Porter brew session.   With some passing flurries in the morning and colder temperatures rolling through, it didn’t look like great homebrewing weather.  In the afternoon, the clouds broke a little bit and the winds were tolerable…so the brew was a […]

Palisade Hops?


Here’s a new hop variety that may be one to try:  Palisade Hops.   I found that there is little official information and varying forum and personal accounts.  Here is a culmination of what I read plus a large employment of my own editorial power. Origin: USA.  It is bred and trademarked by Yakima Chief Ranches.  From other sources, it […]