Small Batch IPA Hops Test


I really have wanted to do this for a while. I went out and found a real generic APA recipe, and then broke it down into one gallon increments. I did 3 one gallons batchs, identical in every way except for the hops. I want to taste the difference is different hops under identical conditions. Now, I did not vary the hops amounts even though the numbers were different on each. The recipe off the top of my head was 1.36 lbs of extra light DME, about .36 lbs of 40L crystal steeped, and then the hops, .36 oz @60min and .20 oz @ 30, 15 5 and 0. So just a hair over an oz of hops for this one gallon batch. They are almost ready to be bottled. At this point, the only thing I noticed, and it was very noticeable, was the difference in fermentation between the 3. Oh, i used 2.3 grams of US-05 Safale dry yeast per gallon. 

Now, the first batch, I used Amarillo for the hops. It fermented well, and had a small krausen. The next batch, I used centennial. The fermentation in this one was much more vigorous then that of the amarillo, the krausen even larger. The last one, I used Columbus (Tomahawk) hops and the fermentation was so great the foam was coming out of the airlock. Ill post more, when theres more to post. Adios


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