Cascadian Imperial IPA


I was itching to make a beer. It had been a few weeks. I couldn’t find a recipe that suited me, so i modified one that had worked pretty good for me so far. It was a Pliny the Elder clone, modded for hops. Its pretty darn good so I thought, I wonder what would happen if you replaced all these different hops with just one and went on a nut. I have 5 or 6 pounds of cascade, so I thought muahahaha. the OG was 1.079 so its going to be fairly sparky. But it sure looked good going together. I will add a recipe page sometime in the near future for some of these bizarre creations. 

I did a 90 minute boil and had to use 9 gallons of water to get just 5 gallons right on the line. The evaporation loss up here surprises me.I was using whole hops and it was almost a half pound through the boil. More in dry hop. Ill have to run 10 gallons next time. I have to run 15 or more for a 10 gallon batch. Im working hard to come up with 2 or 3 recipes that would warrant 10 gallon batches, as moving everything indoors for the upcoming winter will surely cramp the style. 

But a case of 90 minute fish heads have gone up to 70 bucks. I cant deal with that much longer, so Im looking for a good hoppy recipe to replace the store-bought 90. I made a batch that was a cheap 90 clone and its pretty lame. So I have a stone ruination and a pliny bastard called lupus savatorious or some such rot. The stone is good but its still young and needs to age, the same for the lupus. I have some decent chinook porter i made in my hops taste test so I may have to switch back to that here soon just so save a buck. But hey, its home-brew……


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