Can I have have a chemistry set for christmas please?


Growing up in Idahoin the 80’s, the one gift I asked for every year, (and still do just to irritate my mother) and never got, was, a chemistry set. My folks had already decided that I would more then likely blow the house up, or something to that effect, if I was given a bunch of things to mix up and see what happened.  Since I was the type that built bombs out of black powder and such, they may have been right. 

    Fast forward some 40 odd years to the present. I now have my laboratory. In the winter its my kitchen, in the summer my shop. I have my experiments, a.k.a recipes, that i fiddle with and tweak about. I have my successes and my failures. But most of the time, I have damn good beer. Porters are my niche at this point. Considering that for all intents and purposes I havent had beer more then 5 times a year from 1980 till 2007, it is some time in the coming, and the last thing I thought I would ever be involved with. 2 things changed it all. One, my mistaken belief that I didnt like beer. Turns out I just didnt like beer that had no malt flavor or hops, ie. BudMillerCoors.

Anyway,  Some of you may know me from my alzheimers blog, which I have decided to stop maintaining. Writing about my dads gradual decline sucks. Its time to write about something happier.

 Thats it for the bio. You may now, if you wish, share with me my brewing adventures up here in the interior of Alaska, the last frontier.


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