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I am 34, and due to diligence and dumb luck, Ive still got an intact backbone. So, every time I lug a 5 gallon + carbouy from point A to B, I worry about my back, about disturbing the beer, about the glass shrapnel grenade if I drop it, etc. It was these concerns, plus […]

Extract Era


 I started brewing right around new years even 2007. The Coopers kit I used turned out pretty good. Tasted like corona.  I immediately started to want to tinker, so I drove 400 miles to Anchorage to the only real homebrew store in the state. ( I buy my supplies from local liquer stores that stock them) […]

Growing up in Idahoin the 80’s, the one gift I asked for every year, (and still do just to irritate my mother) and never got, was, a chemistry set. My folks had already decided that I would more then likely blow the house up, or something to that effect, if I was given a bunch […]